01. My mother-in-law has been quite [hostile] towards me since my wife and I split up.
02. The United States has generally been [hostile] to any suggestion of holding talks with Cuba.
03. The President was met by [hostile] crowds when he came to town during his election tour today.
04. Lance always becomes [hostile] towards his boss after he has had a bit to drink.
05. The [hostile] environment of free trade talks between the two countries is expected to worsen due to the poor state of their economies.
06. Antarctica hosts perhaps the world's most [hostile] climate.
07. The village was surrounded by a [hostile] army.
08. Spies were sent into [hostile] territory in an effort to determine the strength of their enemy's army.
09. The government has urged all citizens to prepare themselves in case [hostilities] break out with neighboring countries.
10. The children reacted with [hostility] to the idea of moving to Albany.
11. A recent study suggests that [hostile] spouses may be harmful to one another's health.
12. There is an Indian proverb which states that if a man's heart is impure, all things will appear [hostile] to him.
13. George Carlin once said that comedy is a socially acceptable form of [hostility] and aggression.
14. A new study shows that teens exposed to greater amounts of video-game violence see the world as a more [hostile] place.
15. Continual [hostility] keeps your blood pressure high, and may increase your risk for heart attack.
16. In Mexico, if a man stands with his hands on his hips, it suggests [hostility] or a challenge.
17. [Hostility] between Togo and Ghana started when the two countries were still colonies, and continued after independence.
18. England officially proclaimed an end to [hostilities] in America on February 4th, 1783, seven years after the United States had become an independent nation.
19. Some early Christian church leaders regarded art and culture as [hostile] to religion.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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